On the 23 December 1961, Riebeek Kasteel is declared a white only group area (Procl. 152 of 1961) and outlined in the local Swartland newspaper.

“The whole area west of the railway track will be white, the Southeast will be coloured. It is the responsibility of the Village Management to plan the new area and to supply services. The Village Management must also supply houses to those who cannot afford it. Individuals can apply for a loan if they want to buy their own houses. Three months notice should be given prior to the move.”

“Provisions of the Group Areas Development Act are applicable to both the white and coloured areas. The Group Areas Development Board is responsible for dealing with the affected property, ie. The property which belongs to or is occupied by persons who are members of groups other than the group for whom the area is proclaimed.”

“The Minister appoints individual valuators to determine the value of these properties. The owners are given notice of the valuations and if dissatisfied, they may lodge objections with the Group Areas Development Board. If still dissatisfied, they can take it to court.”

“For people who were not in a financial position to settle themselves in their own area, the authorities must provide housing in the area concerned.”

The Minister of Coloured Affairs as referred to above was PW Botha who was appointed Minister in 1961.

Cape Town Archive Repository: 1961 Group Act Press release CDC 597 G7/493/1