The Way Forward

There is no template that we can reach for to plot the path ahead. One thing is clear, the way to achieve a brighter shared future together, is with continuous dialogue and understanding.

This dialogue and understanding should start on an introspective level. Whether it involves being honest with ourselves about the injustices of the past, or whether it is considering the distance we are prepared to go to achieve a better future for our children.
The dialogue which has started with the former Oukloof residents, will be expanded and continued with the wider community. Out of this process, it is hoped that an understanding between the different communities in the valley will develop to a level where greater cooperation can be achieved.

The dialogue should also include the younger generation, who will be tasked with carrying the legacy and heritage of the valley with them into the future. The potential positives of having the next generation involved in the process, range from avoiding the pitfalls of the past, to knowing how to deal with real-life situations involving diverse communities.

There are some tangible project goals under discussion and guided by some of the former Oukloof residents, which should help create a sustainable dialogue and understanding for the future. They include:

  1. a Commemoration or Reconciliation photobook
  2. an Oukloof memorial
  3. this Legacy website
  4. and various museum and tourism initiatives

The above will hopefully enable the valley to project itself as a community of people willing to engage with the past to create a positive future.

The simplest way of proceeding however, is to honestly engage with our friends and families about the need to address the past, in order to attain a brighter shared future.