Overview of map:

Erf 216The location of Oukloof was established on the outskirts of Riebeek Kasteel on erf 216. This large piece of land was situated on a slope with a small canal running down from the dam at the top of the hill to Hermon Road. The erf was subdivided into smaller plots for coloured housing. Erf 216 was surrounded by the agricultural land and blue-gum trees on the Southeast and Southwestern borders. Hermon Street was located on the Northeastern border and Kloof Street (street 30’) on the Northwest.
Erf 201The small Dutch Reformed Mission Church for the coloured community was located on the erf 201. A mortuary and a TB shed was also situated on this piece of land
Erf 333Opposite Kloof Street was erf 333. Before the establishment of the Oukloof, coloured families were already living on this spacial plot of land. A reservoir for water collection at the bottom of the erf. This area was known as Die Rug [The Back]
Erf 190- 197( plots DD, V, b, B’, AAA) These coloured residents occupied land here before the establishment of Oukloof.
Van Riebeeck StreetThis street was considered the border between the white and coloured community. From this street it was mostly white residents who resided in the rest of the town. There were four coloured families who occupied land in the white area along Van Riebeeck Street. ( plots DD, V, b, B’, AAA)