On 1 August, erf 216 (the Oukloof location) is transferred from the Village Management Board to the Dutch Reformed Church for R250.

In 1966 the Mission Church Council discussed selling the church property to the “Gemeenskapsbou” Council of Development.

According to the Dutch Reformed Church Council minutes, discussions are held around obtaining the Mission Church property from the “Gemeenskapsbou” [Council of Development] before it falls into other hands.
There are no documents related to when the church was demolished.

[ Community Development was part of the Department of Coloured Affairs and under the Apartheids government]

The transfer of the Mission Church property (erf 201) through the next decade is as follows:

  • 1971 – Erf 201 is bought by a private buyer.
  • 1984 – It is subdivided into erf 201 and erf 564.
  • 1988 – erf 201 is sold to a private buyer and erf 564 is sold to the Vlok family (The Vlok family bought erf 216, Oukloof).
  • 1992 – The Vlok family are the owners of both erf 564 and erf 201.

The Surplus People’s Project Oukloof Land Claim 1997
NGK Archives: GEM-K2797