1966 (Part 1)

The land on which the new coloured settlement of Esterhof is built, is officially transferred from the Dutch Reformed Church to the Village Management Board. The community has already been established in this area for a year. At the time, the land was valued at R3 500.

According to interviews with Ouklowers, during the initial meetings coloured people were told that the houses were for free but once they moved in, they had to pay high monthly rentals according to the size of the house. Some residents could not afford the high rental and were subsequently evicted from their homes. Many of these residents ended up moving to places like Riebeek West and Hermon.

After the coloured community are moved to Esterhof, church services are also relocated to the coloured primary school. The Mission Church at the top of the hill in Oukloof stands empty.

According to church minutes, the Mission Church council members discuss selling the Mission Church Property in Oukloof and raise concerns that it might go back into the hands of the Mother Church. They need the money to build a new church in Esterhof. A valuation puts the property at R3120. Until the transfer is finalised the Mission Church property must be looked after it. One of the potential buyers is the “Ontwikkelingsraad”, but they don’t have to buy it, they are under no obligation.

By 1966, all the houses in Oukloof had been demolished and the land levelled. The houses in the old location are also demolished and the plots sold off to white owners.

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