1960 (Part 2)

A letter from the Department of Coloured Affairs to Mr Esterhuysen, chair of the Village Management Board, sets out the steps to be followed after the proclamation of the new coloured neighbourhood:

  • To run an internal structure plan of the area and to have this approved by the Provincial Administration.
  • Application to the National Housing Office for a housing loan.
  • Three months should be given for the eviction of residents from their homes.
  • The newly designated area is to be considered as an extension of Riebeek Kasteel.

In ending, it also asked for the names and positions of the upstanding coloureds citizens who said they were looking forward to the move.

(No document exists in the archives, or has been found. We don’t know for sure if there ever was such a document)

Cape Town Records: KUS 388 85/5/260
Surplus People’s project land claim 1997