1949 (Part 2)

The Dutch Reform church council receives a request from the Mission Church with regard to the growing Old Apostolic congregation in Oukloof, but says while they were sympathetic, they could do nothing about it.

Around the year 1948, the Koopman family moved to Oukloof from Riebeek West. According to Marie Appollis, her father Cornelius Koopman started the first Old Apostolic church in the community and used his home for church services. The Koopman family described how on several occasions Dominee Venter and church elders came to speak with their mother about rather joining the Dutch Reformed Mission church. Even the Village Management Board tried to intervene by sending a letter advising Mr Koopman that it was considered illegal by the Board.

2200 -2201:GEM-K2796 (NGK Archives)