The Dutch Reformed Church transfers the church property (erf 201) to the Mission Church.

Building regulations for Oukloof (the new location) are established.

  • Three rows will be built with the outside row, on Hermon side, reserved for coloured people who want to build their own houses.
  • The middle row will be reserved for white congregation members who want to rent plots from the church council to provide/build housing for coloured labourers.
  • The inner row will be reserved by the church council itself to build on.
  • All the buildings will be according to set regulations.
  • All plans must be approved by the Village Management Board (VMB).
  • Only coloured people may live there.

From the Surplus People’s Project Oukloof land claim report, Koenraad Skippers as being the first man to apply for a plot in the “new” location.

Government land Surveyor
Surplus People Project Oukloof land claim 1997
NGK Archives – 2202:GEM-K