Discussions are held by Dutch Reformed Church Consistory members around the need for a Mission school for coloured children.

The following white people have expressed interest in buying erven for £10 at the bottom of the new location:
HJ Truter
J van Niekerk
W Kirsten
G du Plessis

Oukloof was also referred to as a Lokasie [location] in archive documents. It was to be situated on the Southwest side of Riebeek Kasteel.
From interviews conducted with Ouklowers, many of their families were either living on farms or vacant land in the valley not yet bought up by white settlers prior to settling in Oukloof.

An old location of corrugated iron shacks known as Erdvarkgat, was located on the northern western side of the town close to a dam.

There was also another old location for coloured people ( erf 333 or 319) that already existed adjacent to erf 216. It was known as Die Rug [The Back]. Several coloured families occupied land here before the establishment of Oukloof. While the street known as Van Riebeeck Street marked the border between the white and coloured communities, three coloured families are known to have lived across this street in the white area.

NGK Archives: GEM-K 1929