A copy of a book of coloured membership of a Riebeek Kasteel Dutch Reformed congregation written by Dominee (Ds) Johannes Stephanus Hauman lists members from 1881 until 1907.

At the end of the book, the following is written down:

“Another book from Ds. Hauman [containing baptism records] was burnt in the house of C. Otto, in whose care it had been placed. Therefore a large number of the coloured people’s name who had been baptised, was lost. In a copy written out by Ds. Hauman which was found by one of the coloured people, (that is a proof of baptism) we found the following names.”

Ds. Johannes Stephanus Hauman was the first confirmed minister at the Riebeek Kasteel Dutch Reformed Church in 1881 and a strong supporter of missionary work which he did in his spare time for no fee. Church services for the coloured people were apparently held in a small building behind the main church (the old Riebeek Kasteel church) attended by the white congregation. When Ds. Hauman left the service in 1908, there were approximately 30 coloured members of the Mission Church in Riebeek Kasteel.