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The Mission Church

The 1953 Primrose Rugby Team

The Dam Burst

During one very wet winter in the 1960s, the farm dam situated at the top of Oukloof burst. The water flowed through Oukloof damaging many of the homes situated along the canal and washed away many of the animals. Luckily nobody was injured.

Photos courtesy of Dominee Pieter Franzsen
(no images may be reproduced without prior permission)

The Esterhof Build

The NG Meiring Primary School 1960s

Early images of Oukloof

The following photographs taken in the early 1900s by Thomas Daniel Ravenscroft seems to have a vague reference to the description of Oukloof. On the far right, a series of grey buildings positioned on a hill could refer to the early settlement of the old location known as Die Rug [the Hillside]. The location existed long before the establishment of Oukloof itself. Unlike the freshly coated white houses in the rest of the town, these houses on the hill have grey walls depicting the yellow clay that was used to cover the walls.

Images courtesy: Cape Town Record Centre
Ravenscroft collection